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#Hole #1 (474, 419, 393, 316, par 4): “Sand Creek” The first hole requires a long and accurate tee shot that should favor the right side of the fairway. Beware of Sand Creek that meanders along the right side of the fairway. Club selection is vital for your approach shot to an undulated green.






Hole #2 (613, 579, 530, 432, par 5): “Brauer’s tree” Aim for the left side of the fairway to provide you with the best angle for your second shot. Any wayward tee shot will force you to lay up your second shot short of the creek that runs through the middle of the fairway. Beware of “Brauer’s tree” in front of the green.


Hole #3 178, 153, 109, 87, par 3): “Tabletop” A short but demanding par three that is protected by bunkers to the left of the green and a water hazard to the right. The green is viewed as trying to land a ball on a tabletop!




                                                                                                            Hole #4 (601, 552, 521, 453, par 5): “Forever” Take aim at the fairway bunkers on the left of the fairway. Long hitters can go for the green in two!




Hole #5 (345, 318, 300, 271, par 4): “Railroad” This hole will be demanding especially with a south headwind. The railroad tracks run along the right side of the fairway encompassing the history of Newton, Kansas.



Hole #6 (467, 442, 379, 343, par 4): “Elevation” Maybe the most demanding par four on the course! The elevated tee boxes provide you with a snapshot image of this long par four. Fairway bunkers run along the right side of the fairway. Beware of the watery grave to the left of the green. 




Hole #7 (229, 203, 173, 132, par 3): “Deception” This par three can be deceiving with club selection. Make sure to carry the large mound in front of the green!





Hole #8 (470, 443, 407, 357, par 4): “Serenity” A demanding, but breathtaking par four that runs alongside Sand Creek demands a long and accurate tee shot. You should favor the right side of the fairway for the best approach to the green. Beware of the “run-off” to the left of the green.



Hole #9 (373, 337, 294, 225, par 4): “Sand Grave” A short and narrow par four with two deep bunkers that sit in the front of the green. The green is elevated that demands an accurate approach shot. 




Hole #10 (648, 612, 555, 525, par 5): “The Beast” This par five measures 648 yards from the back tees and is the longest hole in the state of Kansas! Aim for the right side of the fairway to make sure you avoid the water hazard to the left. Then aim to the left to miss the lake on the right. An accurate third shot is a must with a green that is protected by a large greenside bunker on the left and water to the right! If you par this hole, keep the card. If you birde the hole, we give you a "I conquered the beast" t-shirt.


Hole #11 (364, 337, 316, 296, par 4): “Opportunity” Take a break after number ten on this short par four. Most players will have a short iron to this well bunkered green.




Hole #12 (420, 378, 354, 258, par 4): “Uncertainty” One of the more forgiving fairways on the course. The green hides behind a large mound, which leaves “uncertainty” with your approach shot.




Hole #13 (230, 183, 157, 129, par 3): “Hidden trouble” This is the longest par three on the course. Most players will be using a long iron or fairway wood. The long and treacherous bunker that runs alongside the left of the green can be only partially seen from the tee box.



Hole #14 (484, 438, 395, 324, par 4): “Northward” Fourteen is the longest par four on the course measuring over 475 yards from the back tees. The hole will play downwind in the summer. Take dead aim as fairway bunkers protect both sides of the fairway. Coming up short on your approach isn't a bad play to avoid the four bunkers that are positioned behind the green.  


Hole #15 (382, 342, 289, 223, par 4): “Buried Elephants” Are we in Kansas? Fifteen is a short par four with large mammoth mounds on both sides of the fairway. There are two large fairway bunkers that can be reached from the tee. It is wise to lay-up short of the bunkers to leave a short to middle iron to the green.




Hole #16 (525, 498, 480, 429, par 5): “Road Hole” The shortest par five on the course can be reached in two. Favor the right side of the fairway for the best angle to the green. Take a long look at the green, as it is a full replication of the famous "Road Hole" green at St. Andrews.




                                                                                     Hole #17 (138, 126, 115, 104, par 3): “Horseshoe” A short par three with a green that encompasses a deep greenside bunker. It is better to be long rather than short!






Hole #18 (426, 373, 336, 261, par 4): “Stadium” The finishing hole is an uphill long par four with a “Stadium” design. Players are advised to take extra club to the green to accommodate the uphill approach. What a finishing hole!!