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Jan/Feb 2018 Blog:

Why do golf courses trim trees during the winter?

Sand Creek Station Golf Course has several holes that are surrounded by the natural landscape, including monster-sized trees.  For those of you who hate to play hole #2, you know what we're talking about!!!  So why would our maintenance staff be cutting/trimming certain trees during the winter? 

Trees can greatly affect the quality of turf on a golf course by the shade they cast, the air circulation they block, and the roots they produce. In addition, they can reduce the useable area on a tee by 30% - 50% or more by producing limbs that interfere with playoff one or both sides of the tee. The best means of preventing these problems is to use care when planting trees on a course. For established trees, a good program of tree removal or branch thinning can increase sunlight penetration and air circulation to a great degree, and interfering limbs can be removed as needed to allow full use of tees. Finally, careful attention should be paid to root pruning around greens, tees, and other important turf areas where tree roots obviously are having a negative impact. The effects of trees can be a significant extra stress at a time when the turf is already under great stress due to heavy traffic, difficult weather conditions, and many other factors which generally occur in the spring/early summer in Kansas. By giving careful consideration to the concerns noted above, it should be possible to improve the health and playability of the turf on any course where trees are an integral part of the scene.  If you have any questions or want further knowledge on the subject, feel free to call us at 316-284-6161 and talk to James Houchen.

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